Sunday, 26 Mar 2023


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I’m Kevin J. McClellan and I love country music. It all started when I was younger, as it was natural in my family to sing tunesof legends like Johnny Cash or the Dixie Chicks. Since we have always lived in the countryside of Ontario, I used to help dad in the fields. After that, I travelled with him on his trips, as a trucker.

How Everything Was Born

Later, I started working as a truck dispatcher, which allowed me to dedicate time to what I always liked, music. I collected records and exchanged them with friends, attended concerts, and tried to keep track of the moment with my camera.

My work allowed me to dedicate myself to know more about music and I wanted to make the most of it. As it occurred to me that I could rely on internet tools, I decided to migrate slowly to this platform.

Everyone’s Magazine

I wanted to spread the country scene in my locality as well as internationally, that’s why I met with my radio friends and we decided to launch an online magazine. Here we would talk about concerts, album reviews, and the latest releases of the exponentials of the well-known musical genre.